A historic country home nestled in the green countryside of Lunigiana

Authentic atmospheres for an unforgettable stay

The Villa

The villa, located next to the Magra River, dates back to the early 1800s and is part of an ancient complex where there was a Paper Mill and a Mill.

A few minutes walk from the center of Pontremoli, the capital of Lunigiana, it has 9 beds, 4 bathrooms, and spacious interiors with decorated walls and ceilings and period furnishings.

Surrounded by a large park full of centuries-old plants arranged on two levels, it has several areas where you can read, dine, rest, or simply contemplate the surrounding nature.

To spend a vacation in an authentic place, rich in history and unique atmosphere, Villa la Cartiera represents the ideal place.

Villa la Cartiera is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI)

The park

The park features several trees that are more than 100 years old, including two monumental trees, the Yew (Taxus baccata) and Pecan Walnut (Carya illinoinensis), as well as other specimens such as Deoadara Cedars and Atlantic Cedar, and perennial and annual species.

You can lull yourself in the hammocks lapped by the sea breeze, listen to the birds singing or watch curious squirrels intent on collecting nuts, or even listen to the water flowing in the large pool fed by continuously flowing river water.

Blooms abound in the various flower beds, pots, and flowering spaces: lemons, jasmine, geraniums, echinacea, and lilies of the valley, as well as roses and begonias, hydrangeas and peonies, provide a wave of different colors and scents throughout the summer.

The park is frequented by several species of animals, including herons, which often nest in the tops of cedar trees, woodpeckers, titmice, and squirrels, which are easy to see jumping over trees.

Thanks to their presence and the balance of the park's different spaces and levels, it is possible to relive magical and authentic atmospheres, a true journey through time. Art exhibitions, events, and festivals are hosted here.

Event spaces and location

The former manufacturing area, with the sawmill, ice factory and barn

One of the most hidden but full of charm rooms, ideal for exclusive events, full of charm and exclusivity. You will be able to move inside the old production premises: the sawmill and the ice factory, with the turbines that produced the electricity for the machines and the ice factory, moved by the water of the biedale.

But also the barn and adjacent agricultural premises, formerly the site of art exhibitions, which have retained a unique charm. These are authentic places with unique and evocative atmospheres.